We supply Light Equipments like Tower Light, Air Compressor, Welding Machine, Heavy Equipments like Crane, Forklift, Wheel Loader, Excavator and also Automobile units like Low Bed Trailor, Flat Bed Trailor, Dump Truck, Water Tanker & Diesel Tanker to industries working for various projects across Al Jubail and other areas in KSA. We have more than fifty clients just in Jubail Industry. We have a proven track record of supplying various equipment and providing 24/7 service for the same in the SATORP Project


Quality maintenance

Our Motivation

Our Motivation is only to serve up to client on time. We have full strength and wide experience in all kind of industrial services. We have also done Electrical and civil works. We have sufficient engineers and other personnel's to take-up all kinds of projects in oil, gas, cement and construction plants. We supply man power to all kind of industries.





Mission & Vision

The value we bring begins in the development stage of a project and continues through the start-up, and long term operation and maintenance of a facility. Our proof is in our performance.

Our aim to be kingdom's first choice in Construction partner from our integrity, Work Ethics, Technical Expertise, Safe Work Practices and Consistent Performance. We consider our valued customers as an integral partner and perceive every project as a partnership opportunity that not only upholds but also reinforces our cherished values regardless of the project. We walk an extra mile to ensure that partnership will be mutually beneficial.